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(h)ear  i.s.m. SCHUNCK* presenteren
Af Ursin (Timo van Luijk)
Raymond Dijkstra
Manon de Boer

(h)ear i.s.m. SCHUNCK* presenteren een unieke audiovoorstelling in kuS n.a.v. de expositie ´The Anarchy of Silence´. Met optredens van ASRA, Af Ursin (Timo van Luijk) en Raymond Dijkstra. Tevens zal de film Two Times 4'33" van kunstenares Manon de Boer vertoond worden.

Locatie: kuS
Open: 20.30
Aanvang: 21.00
Entree: 5,00

An evening of highly recommended sound art, experimental music and film as part of `The Anarchy of Silence´ exhibition @ Schunck* about John Cage and experimental art. (h)ear is very proud to announce the appearance of ASRA, Le Poupée Vivante. Besides ASRA, Le Poupée Vivante we can expect two solo sets by Timo van Luijk´s Af Arsin and Raymond Dijkstra. To complete the evening there will also be a screening of the movie Two Times 4'33" by Manon de Boer in which she examines the relationship between audience, perception, time and space.

ASRA - La Poupée Vivante  (NL/B)

Asra will perform a rare live performance by the duo that features perhaps the most interesting dutch abstract, atonal music artist of recent times, Raymond Dijkstra. Teaming up with Timo van Luyck (of Af Ursin and Noise-Maker's Fifes), the pair display a distinct love for acoustic sound. Asra extract sounds from the bowels of a real piano, combined with tuba, wineglasses, monochord, flute and effects. Without backing tapes, they attain a form that goes largely unmatched. Prepair yourself for a live experience truely in the spirit and thoughts of John Cage.

Af Ursin (B)

Love for sound, love for nature
The nature of sound, the sound of nature

Solo project of autodidact composing improviser Timo van Luijk (Finland, 1967) mainly working with dismissed acoustic instruments, various (sound) objects and magnetic tape.
The music is based on structured improvisations creating free form arrangements covering various musical domains. The intuitive and emotive aspect form the core of the musical approach.
All publications are privately released on the label La Scie Dorée, on LP format only.

The actual Af Ursin live setting consists of applied mechanics of an old sewing machine and motorised percussion combined with a variety of acoustic instruments / (sound) objects and tape manipulation. An intimate set of reflective subtle primitivism partly amplified, partly acoustic.
Collaborations and group projects include work with Noise-Maker's Fifes, Onde, Asra (with Raymond Dijkstra), In Camera (with Christoph Heemann), Limpe Fuchs, Kris Vanderstraeten, Frederik Croene, Nurse with Wound, Tony Conrad. Concerts in various formations took place in Europe, Japan and Russia.
www.lasciedoree.be / http://www.discogs.com/artist/Timo+Van+Luyk

Raymond Dijkstra (NL)

Raymond Dijkstra is active as a sculptor, painter, drawer, graphic designer, and composer of acoustic music. He has been active in music since 1987 both as a composer and in several different formations and projects . Releases have taken place on labels as Korm Plastics, La Scie Dorée, etc. Since 2003 most of his music has been released on the music label Le Souffleur.

All my work is highly autobiographical, highly subjective and highly emotional. In this sense my work is the complete opposite of that from most musicmakers out of the experimental corner who's work is mostly without any emotion. The reason for me making music is to strenghten my connection with life. For me my music is not experimental, simply because it was Never made to experiment.
There is a bit of a problem with most experimental musicians, who are mostly only touching the surface of a subject after which they go beyond to find another experiment. I feel more connected to painters and sculptors who delve deep into the subject and explore it thoroughly, going into every possible direction, to really connect with their world. Even more interesting I find it when one connects with ones own genuine personal world. Just to come home to his self, instead of going out for a journey, what experimenting often is.
http://www.le-souffleur.nl / http://www.discogs.com/artist/Raymond+Dijkstra

Manon de Boer (B)

Manon De Boer (1966 in Kodaicanal, India) completed her artistic education at the Akademie Van Beeldende Kunsten, Rotterdam, and at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. Using personal narration and musical interpretation as both method and subject, De Boer explores the relationship between language, time, and truth claims to produce a series of portrait films in which the film medium itself is continuously interrogated. Her work has been exhibited internationally, most recently at the 2007 Venice Biennial and the 2008 Berlin Biennial, and has also been included in numerous film festivals in Hong Kong, Marseille, Rotterdam and Vienna. Her work has been the subject of monographic exhibitions at Witte de With in Rotterdam and the Frankfurter Kunstverein, among others. De Boer currently teaches at the Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten in Ghent. She lives and works in Brussels.

About Two Times 4'33"
Of particular interest to de Boer is the assumption that during the course of a film screening, the actual space of the viewer and the fictive space of the film are diffused by the viewer’s subjective mechanisms of perception. Thus in Two Times 4’33“, which is based on John Cage’s composition 4'33” (1952) and consists of three silent movements, the artist experiments with this theme. She filmed two performances of the same piece; the first performance was recorded with the sound of the audience and background noise, while the second performance is shown in complete silence. In this way de Boer explores the impact of the different recordings on the viewer. The function of memory, that during the second performance has an influence on the viewer’s perception and orientation of the space, therefore plays a determining role. In the second instance, viewers reflect on themselves and on their own perception of time and space.

(h)ear dj

Eclectic, adventurous, innovative.., different!

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