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(h)ear 20 - experimental audio research

Mitsuaki Matsumoto
Kasper van Hoek

donderdag/thursday 31 maart/march
open: 20.30
aanvang/start: 21.00
entree/entrance: 3,00 euro

(h)ear #20 presenteert Japanner Mitsuaki Matsumoto die improvisaties aan zal gaan met lokale gastmuzikanten. Verder Nederlander Kasper van Hoek die een lezing/presentatie zal verzorgen over de door hemzelf gemaakte instumentaria waar hij aansluitend mee zal optreden. Tussen de bedrijven door zal de (h)ear dj uw oren verwennen.

Mitsuaki Matsumoto
Mitsuaki Matsumoto (JP) (audio-visualist, visual artist, composer, sound performer, scenographer).
As a musician, he plays in differents contexts: acoustic improvisation music (bandoneon), prepared sitar (self-made instrument), electronic sound accompaniment for the dance etc. He also plays in collaboration with instrumentalists like Pierre Bastien, Jac berrocal, Itaru Oki, Roland Pinsard, etc. His solo work concern about "no-sence". He tries to create 'a sensory space', not only musical work. He therefor uses different means, from acoustic to electric, from analog to digital, from stereo to surround. Currently, he performs in the improvised music scene in collaboration with various musicians.
He organizes also the 'croisements' festival Tokyo edition (solo improvisation festival) for the reflection about the nature of improvised music. Mitsuaki lives and works in Tokyo.

Kasper van Hoek
Kasper van Hoek (NL) will give a lecture about his self-made instruments - Electronic amplified instruments with computer interfaces. He will talk about the whole process, from motivation, the building process to the end result focussing on the choices which have been made during the whole course. In a world where string instruments are nearby perfection it sometimes is hard to see that not all functions are needed. A simple minimalistic design seems therefor to reach back to the core of it's origin. This also counts for the use of computer elements - use only what's needed and try to avert unnecessary complexity. Kasper will also perform after the lecture using self-made instuments.

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